Is tracking people down ethical? Ethical standards that a reputable investigator must follow

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Is tracking people down ethical? Ethical standards that a reputable investigator must follow

When you’re looking for a reputable private investigator, it’s important to know whether they are following proper ethical conduct in their investigations. 

In this blog post, we’ll go through the ethical implications of tracking people down and practices that reputable private investigators should always abide by.

Protecting individuals’ privacy

Tracking individuals raises significant concerns about privacy and the potential invasion of personal space. 

Under the Human Rights Act, everyone has the right to privacy, and this right should be respected at all times. 

Reputable private investigators understand the importance of balancing the need for information with an individual’s right to privacy. 

At Dolos Investigations, we adhere to strict ethical guidelines to ensure that our actions are justified and do not infringe upon the rights of the individuals we’re tracing.

PI’s must have a valid and ethical reason for their trace

Reputable private investigators only take on tracing cases if there is a valid and ethical reason to do so. 

Before accepting such cases, they thoroughly assess the client’s circumstances and motivations. 

For example, in cases involving joint custody or access to a child, we may ask whether the client has informed their solicitor and sought legal advice. 

This step helps ensure that tracing services are being used for legitimate purposes and within the boundaries of the law.

Making sure to protect vulnerable individuals

In certain situations, tracking individuals becomes a matter of protecting vulnerable individuals, such as victims of domestic violence. 

Private investigators prioritise the safety and well-being of all individuals by receiving their consent before sharing any information. 

This step ensures that their personal details are not disclosed without their knowledge or against their will. 

Legal compliance

Ethical private investigators understand the importance of operating within the legal framework. 

At Dolos Investigations, we stay up-to-date with the regulations and laws governing our profession and ensure strict compliance. 

This includes adhering to data protection laws, obtaining necessary permissions, and following proper procedures when accessing personal information. 

By operating within the boundaries of the law, reputable private investigators maintain the highest ethical standards in their work.

Open communication and informed consent

Making sure to openly communicate and obtain full informed consent are essential aspects of ethical tracking practices. 

Reputable private investigators engage in transparent and honest communication with their clients, explaining the purpose, methods, and potential outcomes of the investigation. 

They seek the client’s understanding and consent before proceeding with any tracking activities. 

This transparent approach helps build trust between the investigator and the client and ensures that the client is aware of the ethical considerations involved.

Tracing debtors 

When it comes to tracing debtors, for example ex-tenants, the situation changes slightly.

For these types of traces, we would ask at what stage the process is. Our owner is also a Certificated Enforcement Agent, so has a good knowledge around High Court Writs and Possession Orders.

The courts will require the debtor’s new address in order to complete the paperwork, therefore contacting them before the paperwork is completed may frustrate the entire process.

Therefore, under these circumstances, the address can be supplied without the person’s consent.

When you hire a private investigator to track someone down, it can be a complex and ethically sensitive task. 

That’s why hiring a reputable private investigator who understands all the ethical concerns makes such a big difference.

If you are in need of tracing services, get in touch with us today at Dolos Investigations. 

With us, you can be confident that your investigation will be conducted responsibly, with respect for privacy and adherence to the law.

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