Cheating Partner Investigators Derby

Our Cheating Partner Investigators in Derby have years of experience and are highly trained in investigating a potential cheating partner. We have successfully completed many cases in Derby and the surrounding areas.

Our fully trained surveillance operatives using the latest equipment are available to operate covertly in Derby. They can quickly confirm or refute any suspicions you may have.


A suspected cheating partner is the most common reason people ring our Private Investigators, so there’s no need to be embarrassed. A confidential chat with an experienced detective will help you plan the best way forward.

Our cheating partner investigators in Derby are discreet and professional at all times providing a cost effective service that results in the answers to your questions.

Dolos Investigations will out the truth for you in a discreet way

Our Cheating Partner Investigators in Derby have had many cases where the partner wasn’t having an affair. That is still a positive result both for us and you the client, because peace of mind is the real result.

Some signs of a cheating partner:

Cheating Partner Investigators Derby

These are just some of the common signs, but there are many more. More often than not, cheating partners give off subtle signals that you pick up on, but never quite put your finger on it.

Coming home late from work

Saying there was another late meeting again at work or was just too busy to notice the time.

Going out in the evening more often

Meeting a person you’ve not really heard of before, a new friend or colleague.

Taking extra care in their appearance.

Starting to wear a new fragrance to work or buying new clothes to wear elsewhere.

Derby background checks
Derby Polygraph testing

Being more distant

finding trivial reasons to argue or just being more silent than normal.

Being more secretive with their phone

Now it’s on silent all the time or has a new password.

Phone is never left alone

Their phone is never left on the side or they quickly grab their phone when it pings.



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