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Welcome to Dolos Investigations, your local private investigation agency in the UK, where our Lease Forfeitures Service is designed to protect landlords’ interests by resolving lease-related complications swiftly and effectively.

As well as being professional private investigators, we also utilise enforcement agents. Our owner, as well as being an experienced detective, is also a certificated enforcement agent. With our team of experienced professionals, we deliver reliable results, ensuring you can focus on what matters most – your investment.

Lease Forfeitures Service by Dolos Investigations

At Dolos Investigations, we take pride in our comprehensive Lease Forfeitures Service.

We understand the significance of a secure investment and strive to handle lease termination investigations, breach of lease agreements, and tenant eviction inquiries with utmost diligence.

Our service ensures a thorough examination of lease contracts and their enforcement to protect your property rights.

From detailed investigations to effective legal support, we’re your reliable partner in resolving lease-related disputes.

We Can Solve Your Lease Forfeiture Problem

Are you facing uncertainty due to tenants violating lease agreements or breaching terms?

Do you need swift resolution for property lease legal matters?

Dolos Investigations offers the solution you seek. Our Lease Forfeitures Service tackles complex lease-related problems head-on, providing you with clear insights, concrete evidence, and the legal support required to enforce agreements and protect your valuable assets.

Key Features of Our Lease Forfeiture Service

Comprehensive Lease Investigations: Our expert investigators conduct thorough examinations of lease agreements and tenant backgrounds to identify potential risks.

Legal Support: We work closely with legal experts to ensure your lease agreements are effectively enforced.

Quick Resolution: Time is of the essence, and we prioritise prompt action to resolve lease forfeiture cases efficiently.

Evidence Collection: We gather concrete evidence to support your case, ensuring a stronger position during legal proceedings.

Tailored Solutions: Each case is unique, and we provide personalised strategies to suit your specific lease-related requirements.

How it Works

Consultation: Reach out to us with your lease forfeiture concerns, and we’ll schedule an initial consultation to understand your needs.

Investigation Phase: Our skilled investigators will conduct a thorough examination of the lease agreement, tenant history, and any breaches.

Legal Collaboration: We collaborate with legal experts to devise a robust plan to enforce the lease agreement.

Execution: With a tailored strategy in place, we swiftly take necessary actions to address the lease forfeiture and resolve the issue effectively.

Our Lease Forfeiture Service Process

Case Evaluation: 

We analyse the lease agreement and assess potential breaches or violations.

Background Check:

Our investigators delve into the tenant’s history and conduct interviews if necessary.

Evidence Collection: 

We gather concrete evidence to support the case and strengthen your position.

Legal Collaboration: 

Working with experienced legal professionals, we devise a strong legal strategy.


With all elements in place, we take the necessary steps to enforce the lease agreement.

Our Lease Forfeitures Service is suitable for:


Safeguard your property rights and enforce lease agreements confidently.

Property Managers: 

Streamline lease-related complications and ensure smooth operations.

Lettings Agencies: 

Provide added value to your clients by resolving lease disputes effectively.


Protected Investments: 

Ensure your property investments are secure, and lease agreements are respected.

Peace of Mind: 

Let our experts handle the complexities while you focus on your daily life.

Quick Resolutions: 

We prioritise your needs, ensuring transparent communication and results.

Legal Expertise: 

Benefit from our collaboration with legal professionals.

Evidence-Based Approach: 

Our thorough investigations provide concrete evidence to support your case.

Are you ready to secure your property rights? Contact us today for a consultation.

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