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If you are looking for a Process Server in Sheffield, who is actually based in Sheffield, then Dolos Investigations are for you.

Dolos Investigations are based in Sheffield, but also regularly carry out process serving work in Rotherham, Barnsley, Doncaster and Chesterfield as well.

We are part of a national network of Process Servers, so we are able to serve papers anywhere in England. We also have international contacts, so we are able to Process Serve worldwide. Please speak to us regarding the extra fees for this service.

Our pricing structure is very simple:

£95.00 including VAT within 10 miles of our office (S4 7UQ).

£125.00 including VAT beyond 10 miles of our office.

Because we are local, we often Process Serve in South Yorkshire within 24 hours of receiving the papers. We endeavour to serve nationally within the same time frame, but sometimes we require 2 days for a first visit.

Our price includes 3 attempts, with 1 being out of hours (non-commercial premise).

We will also provide a Statement or Certificate of Serve AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Cheating Partner Investigators Sheffield

Our primary service is Private Investigation. We find that this pays dividends when acting as Process Servers, as our minds are more inquisitive and we often go that little bit further to clarify the address/information we have is correct.

If the 3 attempts fail, we can speak to you regarding our Tracing Service or potential surveillance. So we can be your one-stop shop.

We are ICO registered, trained in GDPR and experienced in Process Serving.

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