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Sweeping for bugs is the common name for ‘Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)’. But bug sweeps are much easier to say!

We employ highly trained and experienced private investigators to carry out our bug sweeps. And they have to be, because the equipment we use is worth in excess of £30,000! We use several types of equipment, each of which detects different signals emitted by the various types of ‘bugs’ out there.

As Private Investigators in Sheffield, we are approached for bug sweeps in Sheffield more often than not. However, we conduct bug sweeps nationally. Contact us below to discuss your requirements.

What types of bugs can you detect?

As a company that deploys such devices, ironically, we are in the perfect position to detect them as well!

We can interrogate mobile telephones, landline telephones, computers – laptops and tower computers and tablets for spyware.

Dolos Investigations Private Investigators will out the truth for you in a discreet way

Our bug sweep service includes a free telephone consultaion, immediate response/same day callout using highly trained investigators with the latest debugging technology. We will provide advice on any next steps required and provide a report if required.

Our Bug Sweep Services

These are just some of the common signs, but there are many more. More often than not, cheating partners give off subtle signals that you pick up on, but never quite put your finger on it.

Personal Bug Sweeps

Unfortunately, there are a plethora of listening devices and hidden cameras on the common market for the public to purchase. We are seeing an increase in ex-partners deploying such devices in order to ‘catch their ex out’. As an ex-police officer, I am all too aware that this may be part of coercive and controlling behavior – a criminal offence.

Another criminal offence is Voyeurism. This could be an ex-partner, flat mate or landlord. This is a particularly distressing crime for the victim.

We can sweep one room or multiple rooms. We sweep flats, houses and even hotel rooms! We can also sweep vehicles for tracking devices as well as listening devices.

Commercial Bug Sweeps

Commercial sweeps see both basic and high-end spying devices and the motives can be varied: corporate espionage by competitors, disgruntled employees thinking of blackmailing their boss, or stealing information with a view to selling it or leaving to a competitor. It may even be organised crime.

Again, we can sweep certain rooms, like an office or board room, or we can sweep entire floors. We can sweep fleet vehicles for GPS tracking devices or listening devices. Some clients have regular sweeps as part of their yearly business plan.

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