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Your child’s welfare is your life’s priority. Every child should live without fearing physical or mental harm from others. As a former Detective Sergeant who led a team investigating High Risk Domestic Violence, I understand that harm can come in many guises.

Whether the child’s custody has already been ruled upon through the Family Court, or you are preparing your case, Dolos Investigations can help you find the evidence to build the strongest case possible.

We have been approached by parents, grandparents, new partners and even family friends, regarding investigating neglect against a child or children. Neglect can come in many forms:

Physical abuse can be hitting, lack of proper food or clothing

Mental abuse, such as being shouted at

The carer may be involved in criminal activity.

The carer may have alcohol or drug dependency issues

As a parent and former detective, I understand the importance of child protection issues. The law around gathering evidence, often through surveillance, or interviewing family and taking witness statements. Our child custody investigation reports are to a court standard and we can give evidence in Family Court if required.

Is it too late to hire a Private Investigator regarding my child’s custody?

No. If you suspect child abuse at any stage, we can help you. Speak to us for free, no obligation advice about your concerns. You can ring or email in confidence, discretion is paramount.

Often, we are called after the courts have issued a Child Arrangement Order. If you wish to challenge Sole Custody, Split Custody or Physical Custody (Residential Custody) because you believe that circumstances have changed or there is new evidence, call us.

Child Custody Investigation Case Studies

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One parent had Sole Custody. Their new partner moved into the address and the other parent believed that the child was then being sent to live with their grandparents. This was in breach of the Child Arrangement Order.

To make matters worse, the client believed that all parties were slandering the client and turning the child against them.

Surveillance proved the breach.

Parents have Split Custody of the children. One parent breaches the Order by not handing over the children, blaming transport issues and other excuses. Moreover, the same parent is neglecting the young children by leaving them alone in the house, while they go to the pub.

Surveillance proved the neglect.

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