Trace People / Background Checks

Trying to Trace a Debtor?

Owed money for a service or goods, or an ex-tenant has absconded?

Maybe you just want to reconnect with an old friend, Dolos Investigations Private Investigators offer two types of tracing service:

Desktop Trace.

We use databases and software which are not available to the general public. We use these to cross reference for superior accuracy and leave no digital footprint.

Enhanced Trace.

After desktop research, we send an agent out to make discreet enquiries and confirm residence. Depending on the reason for the trace, we can then approach the subject and make contact. This can be difficult and protracted and will take longer. 

GDPR Compliance

Depending on the type of trace, in order to protect a person’s Right to Privacy (Human Rights Act), it may be that we speak to the subject first and request their permission for contact. Call us if you’re unsure and we can explain which type of trace you require

Background Checks

We offer a number of different types of background check.

Please note however, there must be a lawful basis for the request of such information in order for us to comply with GDPR. If you’re unsure – call us on 07538 087077.

Due Diligence/ Background Report

Leaves no footprint on person’s credit file.

Anti-Money Laundering Check

Includes Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) Register and a Sanctions search.

In-Depth Report

As per due diligence report, but also includes property ownership search, adverse media, PEP, enforcement, associated entity and excluded party.

 Asset Trace/Pre-Sue Enquiries

Assess whether your debtor is worth suing.

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