Lie Detector Tests Near Me

“Lie detector tests” are called polygraph tests because the polygraph machine records multiple physiological responses simultaneously, such as heart rate and breathing. The term “polygraph” means “many writings” in Greek, reflecting the multiple data streams recorded during the test. This detailed recording helps our experts determine whether a subject is telling the truth or lying.

What can I use polygraph testing for?

The most common reasons why people come to Dolos Investigations Private Investigators to find out if polygraph testing is the right answer for them are:

Matrimonal/Cheating Partner

Does your partner have a history of cheating, or all the signs are there that they are currently cheating? Even when you have challenged them directly, you are still not convinced that they are telling the truth. Polygraph can be an alternative to surveillance (which we also specialise in).


Disputes between family, friends, neighbours or even work colleagues. Where there is no tangible evidence to say who was right or wrong, polygraph testing can be the way to once and for all settle the matter, and help people move forward.

Employment Matters

There are myriad reasons why we have been used within the commercial sector. Theft, staff taking ‘sick days’ or meeting competitors. What about that outstanding CV that seems too good to be true? Or even screening potential employers beforehand? The list goes on.

Polygrapgh Testing with Dolos Investigations

Our Private Investigator will be able to read the results of the polygraph machine, which detects subtle changes in heart rate, breathing and with the facial mapping equipment – pupil dilation. This all leads to a highly accurate result. The industry standard to determine accurate results is 3 curated questions.

Polygrapgh results


Martyn Osment

Nathan is an exellent surveillance operative. His reporting is professional and concise, he is diligent and goes the extra mile. I would be happy to recommend him to anyone who requires his services.

John Elmore

Fully recommend Nathan’s services. Straight talking and approachable. Did exactly what we asked for and he took the time to call and explain his report step by step. Also was kind enough to offer advice, over and above what we’d asked for, based on his knowledge and experience. Kept us updated step by step of the way and kept to the timelines promised. A no nonsense service. Thank you Nathan, your work was invaluable.

A to Z

We used Dolos investigations to help with a problem we had. I can honestly say Dolos were totally professional in what they did. We would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone who seeks the truth and justice. We spent a fortune on solicitors but the best decision we made was using Dolos which was a lot more cost effective. Thanks Nathan.

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