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Our fraud investigation services include corporate fraud, commercial fraud and employee fraud as the core investigative work we carry out for our commercial partners and HR Departments.

Some of the fraud investigation cases we have worked on are:

  • An employee was suing his employer for an industrial accident at work where he injured his hand. He was filmed opening his van door with the injured hand and driving.
  • An employee was ‘off sick’ with a bad back. He was covertly filmed doing his weekly big shop around his local supermarket, pushing a full trolley, then loading it into his car.
  • An employee was photographed attending a training course for his own business, but had told their employee they were off sick.

A more recent case was an ex-partner had told the CSA (Child Support Agency) that they weren’t working so they couldn’t pay child maintenance. Online research showed him and his new partner on holiday. Before surveillance was deployed, the partner accepted responsibility and began paying.

Again, this list is by no means exhaustive. Cases of moonlighting, ‘taking sickies’, false industrial injuries are all too common. Our investigators have provided irrefutable proof of false claims. Our reports come with time and date stamped images that can be used as evidence, should the matter go industrial tribunal/employee tribunal.

Discreet fraud investigation that will find the truth

There have been cases where the employee sues for unfair dismissal, stating they have been unable to find work because of being unfairly dismissed, when actually they are working, but wanted a payout of from their ex-employer. Our team of investigators are here to find the truth behind the claims.



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