How Can A Private Investigator Help Me With Child Custody?

How Can A Private Investigator Help Me With Child Custody?

If you are going through a child custody battle, you may be wondering how a private investigator can help.

A private investigator can have many roles during a child custody investigation, including interviewing witnesses, finding assets, running background checks, and gathering evidence through surveillance.

This can help you to prove that a parent is unfit in court, to ultimately keep the child safe. Alternatively, this can also help you to prove a parent has been falsely accused of abuse or neglect.

Methods Private Investigators Use In Child Custody Investigations

There are many different ways that a private investigator can help with child custody cases.

Witness Interviews

One way is by interviewing witnesses. This can be done by talking to the child’s teachers, doctors, or any other adults who have regular contact with the child. The investigator will ask questions about the child’s wellbeing and any changes they have noticed in the child’s behaviour or appearance.

Locating Assets

Another way a private investigator can help is by finding assets. This is important if one parent is trying to hide assets in order to avoid paying child support. The investigator can find hidden bank accounts, property ownership, and investments. They can also look into whether the parent owns any businesses and details of these.

Background Checks

A third way an investigator can help is by running background checks. This is important to do for both parents, but especially if one parent has a history of violence, substance abuse, or criminal activity.

The investigator will check public records and can talk to neighbours and friends to get an idea of what kind of person the parent is.


Finally, an investigator can help by gathering evidence through surveillance. This may be necessary if one parent has accused the other of abuse or neglect. The investigator will conduct surveillance on the accused parent to see if they are engaging in any questionable behaviour around the child. They will also look for signs of drug use or abuse.

If you are going through a child custody battle, it can be beneficial to hire a private investigator.

An investigator can help by interviewing witnesses, finding assets, running background checks, and conducting surveillance.

This evidence can be used in court to prove that one parent is unfit or that they have been falsely accused of abuse or neglect.

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