How can GPS vehicle tracking help you?

How can GPS vehicle tracking help you?

GPS vehicle tracking has become extremely useful in recent years and is something that can be used in a variety of different ways by private investigators. It can be a very handy tool to help get to the truth. From suspicions of where an employee is disappearing to or suspicions about a family members whereabouts, GPS vehicle tracking can help get to the bottom of it. 

This blog will explain exactly how and when GPS vehicle tracking can be used by private investigators and the value it brings. 

What exactly is GPS vehicle tracking? 

GPS vehicle tracking in simple terms, is a technology used in order to accurately locate a vehicle anywhere in the world at any given moment. GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking devices can be fitted to a private investigators vehicle, discretely as to not draw attention to aid them in their investigation and gather information. 

Is GPS vehicle tracking legal? 

GPS vehicle tracking IS legal. However, that is the short answer. The reality is that there are various rules and regulations to be followed and guidelines set in place to ensure good practice is always adhered to. For example, the Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation. 

At times, it may be the case that an individual is aware of GPS tracking.  Certain companies may well use it in their vehicle fleets for example. Although the individual may not be aware as to the extent of its use. 

Outside agencies such as private investigators will, at times use GPS tracking without the knowledge of the vehicle’s owner.  

Irrespective of the individual situation, standards should always be kept, and practices coincide with the law.  

Choosing a reputable Private Investigation service like Dolos is essential as to avoid any unnecessary and unwelcome surprises down the line as you can be rest assured that we will only ever work within the limits of the boundaries and law. 

What are the benefits of tracking vehicles? 

GPS vehicle tracking has many benefits and is a valuable component of a private investigator’s arsenal. 

Thorough surveillance 

Knowing the location of an individual at any given moment, helps to create a storyline for that person. Knowing what time they go the shop, what time they drive home, in which direction they drive to work and with whom they may meet along the way. It all helps to create a pattern and an understanding of that individual. All of which can be used as evidence during an investigation and can be achieved by remotely tracking the movements of a vehicle. 

Real-time monitoring 

One major beneficial factor of GPS vehicle tracking is its ability to identify at any given moment the whereabouts of a vehicle that it is tracking.  Real-time monitoring throws the need for any guess work out of the window, as the investigators have with this tool, the ability to locate the vehicle at an instant and make decisions in a more efficient and time effective manner. 


Whereas previous generations of private investigators would have had to have used person power in order to conduct their surveillance, thanks to GPS vehicle tracking, large proportions of that can be cut down. Tracking devices allow for remote work which is a great way to make the process cheaper and more cost effective. 

Wide coverage and flexibility 

The ability to accurately track overseas and into all corners of the country is another huge benefit to using GPS vehicle tracking. No matter whether the tracked vehicle heads in populated dense urban areas, quiet rural locations or overseas, it can and will be located. 

When would you need to use vehicle tracking? 

Here’s two ways in which GPS vehicle tracking can help investigations: 

Uncovering Employee Misconduct 

If you are in a company vehicle and thinking of heading to the shops in town whilst you are supposed to be on a job elsewhere, or you call to say that you are on your way to work but you are still lying in bed, think again! GPS vehicle tracking can and will be used to gather evidence on inappropriate employee behaviour or the unauthorised use of company vehicles. 

Investigating Suspicious Behaviour in Relationships 

GPS vehicle tracking is also effective and often used to investigate suspicions within a relationship. A discrete device can be attached to a partner’s vehicle which can then be monitored. Where they go, how long they spend there, which addresses they stop at or pass on the way. All of this can be used to create a timeline and story of any suspicious behaviour and can be used later down the line should the investigation lead to more formal proceedings. 

How we can help at Dolos Investigations 

We have a highly trained group of private investigators, years of experience with GPS tracking and private investigations, services to meet a large variety of needs and, most importantly, Dolos Investigations is a trusted partner. 

What we can offer you 

Whether it is an issue regarding employee misconduct or relationship suspicions, at Dolos Investigations we can provide top quality GPS vehicle tracking to assist in getting you your answers. Remembering that standards will be upheld at all times by our team of experienced investigators. 

Our GPS tracking devices will monitor in real time the movements of vehicles, meaning a quick and efficient time effective investigation can be conducted fairly, discreetly, and ethically. 

Our experienced and professional private investigators will make sure that they first understand your needs and expectations. Your privacy and confidentiality are of top priority to us.  


GPS vehicle tracking has become a very important tool in a private investigator’s armoury. With us, you know that we will always comply with the law and any investigation will be handled with a great degree of care and as discreetly as possible.  

Please get in touch with us at Dolos Investigations if you need a private investigator who offers GPS tracking services. We would love to chat and work out a way in which we can help. 

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