Private Investigator for Tracking People Down – Good Practice or Unethical? 

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Private Investigator for Tracking People Down – Good Practice or Unethical? 

So, you’re thinking about hiring a private investigator for tracking people down. But is it good practice or unethical? Either way there are standards that must be followed. 

If the time comes that searching for a private investigator becomes a necessity, it’s imperative that you are aware of the standards they must follow. 

In this blog post, we will detail the pros and cons of using a private investigator and explain the implications of tracking people down. We will also make you aware of the standards and practices that you should be looking out for and that MUST be followed by any reputable private investigator. 

Protecting individuals’ privacy 

The right to privacy is a basic human right for anyone residing in this country. So, the tracking of an individual without their prior say so or knowledge can become an issue.  

This is where standards come into play. Any private investigator worth their salt is aware that they must balance any necessity for information with the law and the human rights of the individuals involved. In this case, the individual’s right to privacy. 

Here at Dolos Investigations, we set out a strict set of guidelines that outline all ethical boundaries that must always be followed. These guidelines ensure that all rights of any individual being traced are always upheld and that all our actions are justified. 

PI’s must have a valid and ethical reason for their trace 

A reputable private investigator will never take on a case if they feel that it would infringe upon the guidelines we have set out. 

This means that they will assess each case on an individual basis and make a decision on whether it is ethical and valid. Only once they have assessed all motivating factors and reasonings will a decision be made. 

For example, we will ask clients if they have previously sought legal advice or spoken to their solicitor in cases that involve access to a child. 

This is to help ensure that our boundaries and the boundaries of the law are not being overstepped and that all services are being used legitimately. 

Making sure to protect vulnerable individuals 

From time to time, situations can arise where it becomes imperative to track individuals as a manner of protection. Victims of domestic abuse for example. 

Consent by the individual will always be sought after and granted before sharing any personal information. 

No personal details will ever be disclosed without prior consent. This is to ensure that no details are shared against the will of any individual. 

Legal compliance 

Here at Dolos Investigations we understand the importance of staying up to date with any new laws and regulations relating to the work we do. We are acutely aware of what is expected of us, and we make sure to always comply and adhere to these rules. 

Any ethical private investigator will work within the rules and regulations and understand the significance of doing so. 

For example, data protection laws being followed, obtaining permission where permission is needed and complying with personal information procedures. 

All of these boundaries and working within them helps the private investigator to work to the highest possible ethical standards. 

Open communication and informed consent 

Communication is essential. Reputable private investigators will always be open and honest in their communication. 

Full clarity when it comes to consent, methods and possible outcomes of an investigation is an absolute must and should always be adhered to. 

No tracking activities will begin until it is clear that the client understands and has given their consent. 

One reason for this is that it helps to build trust between the client and the investigator which is essential. It is also to ensure that the client is fully aware of the ethical challenges faced. 

Tracing debtors  

Tracing debtors such as ex tenants for example is slightly different. 

For this type of trace, we would need to know at what stage the process is already at. Our owner is also a Certified Enforcement Agent so has knowledge in this area surrounding writs and possession orders. 

The debtors new address will need to be obtained as any paperwork cannot be completed without it.  

In cases like this, the address CAN be supplied without the individual’s consent, this is to ensure that the process is not frustrated by being unable to obtain the address in order to complete the paperwork. 

Hiring a private investigator to track someone down can be a complex and sensitive task. Ethically challenging as well. 

A reputable investigator is an absolute must. Someone who understands all of the concerns you may have can make a huge difference. 

Get in touch with us today at Dolos Investigations. 

With Dolos Investigations you can guarantee that we will act responsibly and in accordance with the law and whilst maintaining respect for privacy. 

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