9 common signs your partner is cheating and how to catch them

Signs your partner is cheating

9 common signs your partner is cheating and how to catch them

Your worst nightmare is coming true – you have witnessed signs your partner is cheating on you and until you find out the truth, you won’t be able to sleep or get closure. 

Because there’s always a chance your suspicions are not true, right? 

Before you confront them, you want to know for sure if your partner is or isn’t cheating. In this article, I want to share with you the most common signs your partner is cheating and explain the best way to catch them. 

When you are so close to the situation it can be easy to be filled with self-doubt and anxiety… But as an ex-police officer and now independent private detective, I can get the truth you need. 

Signs your partner is cheating – what to look out for

You’re here because you think you’ve already seen signs your partner is cheating, but you’re not sure what to do now. The most common signs to look out for are listed below – but remember, these alone are not conclusive evidence. 

Have you noticed any of these changes in behaviour? 

  1. Coming home late from work 
  2. Going out in the evening more often 
  3. Taking extra care in their appearance
  4. Being distant and not paying you as much attention
  5. On their phone more and don’t leave it out of their sight 
  6. They are hard to contact 
  7. Asking about your schedule more often
  8. Change in libido – increased or decreased
  9. Snappy in their responses, causing arguments 

Let’s break some of these down in more detail…

Coming home late from work and going out in the evening more often

Has your partner recently started working later than usual? It could be a sign your partner is cheating if they usually finish work on time but have more recently had an increased work schedule, arriving home much later. 

If your partner avoids you when they first arrive home, such as running straight to get in the shower, there would be more reason for concern that they could be cheating. 

Starting to have more evening social events, with people you don’t know, could be a sign your partner is cheating

Have they all of a sudden told you about a new colleague or friend that you’ve not met and avoided the topic when you ask to meet them? 

Or another common excuse used when a partner is lying about where they are is they say they’ve started a new hobby, often involving exercise or a sports team. 

Taking extra care in their appearance

Have you noticed your partner taking more care of their appearance? They could have splashed out on a new haircut, beauty products, aftershave or perfume, and even new clothes. But does it seem they only put the extra effort in when they’re not at home or with you? 

That could be a tell-tale sign that they are cheating, as unfortunately, it’s common that they are making the extra effort for someone that’s not you. A new love interest is the most likely cause of these sudden habits if they have not been previously making the effort with you. 

Being more distant or being more argumentative

Both of these polar opposite things can be signs your partner is cheating

Do you have to keep repeating yourself because they’re never listening to you? 

You feel like you’re talking to a shell of a person, who’s never paying attention to you… There are various reasons this could be, such as a bout of depression, but one is a sign your partner is cheating.

Or every time you call, they don’t pick up the phone and make an excuse about a dead battery or being busy. 

Also look out for if they have stopped having arguments with you, or have increased their critical comments. A change in either direction means they could be switching off from you or are now finding your presence irritating. 

A reluctance to show affection or have one-on-one time is another sign. Has your partner stopped giving you daily hugs or asking about your day?

They always have their phone in their hands

If you have noticed an increased possessiveness over their mobile phone, or they never leave it out of their sight, this could raise suspicions of cheating.

Secretive messages or private work calls they leave the room for could be tell-tale signs your partner is cheating. Do they give you vague answers or deflect the question when you ask what the call was about or who you’ve been speaking to?

How to catch your cheating partner with a private investigator

Having a suspicion that your partner is cheating can, understandably so, cause you extreme stress and discomfort. 

But when tensions and emotions are high, it can be tempting to act in response. I’d always urge you against confrontation because you could lose your only chance of getting the truth. Once they know you are suspicious of them cheating, it will be even harder to catch them.

At the end of the day, your peace of mind is what’s most important – knowing the truth either way. 

If you feel your partner is being dishonest and you need to get the truth without causing aggravation, the best way to do this is by hiring a private investigator to carry out surveillance on their activities. 

What does a private investigator do when catching a cheating partner? 

If you instruct me as your private investigator, everything we do is confidential. 

By giving a private investigator your partner’s key schedule information, such as the time they leave for work and arrive home, I can use this as a starting point. 

It’s hard to predict how long it will take to catch your cheating partner. Sometimes, one sitting could give enough conclusive evidence to know your signs were correct. Other times, I can carry out surveillance numerous times and see no signs of a cheating partner. 

In terms of evidence, you’ll receive copies of time and date-stamped photographs if the surveillance proves they are showing signs of a cheating partner. For divorce cases, these photographs can be used in court as evidence of infidelity. 

Not everyone who shows signs of cheating is guilty. 

But for your peace of mind, hire a professional private detective to carry out discreet surveillance. See if the signs your partner is cheating are correct and find out what is really happening. Get in touch today to enquire about hiring me for surveillance and be one step closer to your truth.

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